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Become a Friend

Thank you for supporting the mission of Eckington Parks & Arts!  With your donation to Eckington Parks & Arts for calendar year ($60/individual or $100/two adults in a household), you'll become a Friend of the organization, receive regular updates via email, and be able to attend and vote at organization meetings. Seniors (65 years and older) can become a Friend for just $30/individual per calendar year.

*Select the PayPal amount (i.e., $60, $100, $30 - seniors only) that corresponds with your membership preference.

Friends of Eckington Parks & Arts

Friends are vital to achieving our mission.  They help support the mission both financially and with their time.  In return, Friends receive a number of benefits from the organization.

Support the Mission

Your donation and support helps us achieve our mission to support and activate all of Eckington's green spaces.

Regular Updates

With your membership, you'll receive regular updates on park events, volunteer opportunities, and the community.

Vote on Leadership

Friends of Eckington Parks & Arts have a strong voice in the future of Eckington. Your membership provides you a vote on Eckington Parks & Arts leadership and other key decisions related to Eckington green spaces.

Help Shape the Organization

We want you (to help make our organization a success)!  Friends of Eckington Parks & Arts are always needed for key leadership roles, including event planning, fundraising, community engagement and more.  Please reach out if you'd like to help!

Build Our Community

Help us establish a strong community commitment to growing and investing in our green spaces and green living.

Attend Exclusive Events

Attend exclusive Friends of Eckington Parks & Arts events featuring local politicians, celebrities, and business owners. Enjoy early access sign-up for events like yoga and story thyme.

Prefer to Volunteer Your Time Instead of Donating Money?

In order to make Eckington Parks & Arts accessible to the entire community, we offer an alternative path to those who are interested in becoming a Friend! Instead of a monetary donation, you can choose to donate 12 hours of your time per calendar year (at least 5 hours completed within the first 6 months).

If you are interested in this option, please complete the accompanying form to let us know. We will follow up with information on our volunteer tracking form. The most common volunteer opportunity is our bimonthly community cleanup on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month. Other opportunities will be announced as they arise.

We look forward to having you as a Friend!


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Not interested in being a Friend, but still want to DONATE?

If you, your family, or your pup enjoy using Alethia Tanner Park, we encourage you to DONATE whatever amount you can to support Eckington Parks & Arts. Your donation helps fund maintenance and purchase of supplies (e.g. dog waste bags, regular cleaning) for the Tanner Park Dog Park, and supports community activities and efforts to activate Eckington's public spaces.

For reference, most members of the community donate at least $25 toward supporting and activating our park and neighborhood public spaces.


We value partnerships with local businesses and support from larger donors.

Please read up and reach out if you'd like to work together!

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